Recumbent Bike Serie E

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Designed with precision to offer the maximum performance in gymnasiums and first class fitness facilities. It offers a performance at the height of the most prepared cyclists along with comfort and an ergonomically correct position.
3-Phase Generator Self-powered hybrid generator delivers consistent performance for a smooth and quiet workout.
Belt drive system for smoother and quieter performance. Minimum maintenance.
Bottom Bracket:High performance bottom bracket assembly with precision sealed ball bearing for exceptional performance .
Watts: minimum 16 and maximum 640 watts.
Levels of resistance: 40 levels of resistance that meet the new European standards EN957-9.
Custom settings: when a USB is detected, users can customize their age, gender, weight, alarms. The intelligent machine will automatically prioritize the custom configuration and training routine when you log in.
Indicators on screen: HR, resistance level, time, watts, calories, distance, RPM, speed, training summary, training profile.
OptiTrain™ : Bike mode allows users to workout at a fixed resistance level regardless of pedal speed, Power mode allows users to workout at a fixed workload measured in watts. Download workout results easily to USB for work rate analysis and performance training purposes.
Programs: More than 20 training programs. Includes fitness test. It allows to change the training program during the exercise.
Cardiac pulse monitoring: Polar coded wireless telemetry technology - heart rate receiver built in (Heart rate transmitter strap required),Digital contact heart rate technology ensures precision and reliability.
Energy saving system: complies with the standards of the European Directive 2013.
USB connectivity: for custom workouts, training results, personal settings, InCare ™ and software update.
Wheels in the front for easy transport.
Adjustable legs to guarantee its stability.

Porta accessories conveniently located for portable music players and mobile phones. Robust structure designed to guarantee stability and durability.
Robust frame structure designed to ensure stability and durability, Low cross over design allows for ease of getting on and off the bike,
Aluminum components create visual appeal and durability against corrosion.
Handlebar integrated with contact HR and resistance adjustment buttons for ease of use during workout .
Ergonomic oversized pedals with grip and integrated straps for quick adjustments and pedaling comfort.
Seat adjustments every 1.3 cm. to suit users with a height between 147 and 193 cm. The ergonomic backrest of the seat, designed with ventilation and lumbar support, offers maximum comfort.
Designed so that the user does not have to lift their legs when sitting or getting up.
Double support for water bottles up to 1 liter.

Length: 160 cm.
Width: 70 cm.
Height: 124 cm.
Weight: 109 kg.
Maximum user weight: 181 kg.
Height of the user: between 143 and 193 cm.