Dual Quadriceps / Femoral Seated

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The PC16 plate line is unilateral and convergent. It has an elegant and aesthetic design  and  quality for professional use. All machines are ergonomically adapted to provide natural movement, maximize exercise accuracy and are certified with EN-957 Class S.
Structure built in high quality 3 mm. thick oval steel tube.
Removable parts made of solid steel avoiding wear issues.
Movable parts mounted with a 0.5 cm. thick plates.
The guide bars are made of stainless steel.
The calibrated steel plates, painted in black  have superior quality Teflon rings, which produce a correct sliding movement while avoiding friction and noise.
Plate tower with weight indicators both in kgs and lbs.
Magnetic plate selectors prevent the selector from dislodging during exercise.
The finishing process of the machines are carried out in a four-layer paint treatment tunnel, which offers an absolute guarantee against corrosion. Degreasing and hot phosphating  is carried out in first layer. The second is a pre-phosphating process at room temperature. In the third, hot phosphating  with the fourth and final stage  being an application of epoxy powder coating.
Cable transmission.
Front and rear fairings to avoid accidents while the plates are in motion.
Counterbalanced arms cancels the weight of the part of the structure to be moved, to lift only the selected weight with the plates.
Using a cam system to develop a uniform weight it maintains the arm of force with  constant resistance throughout the workout.
The units are mounted on bearings (circular/needle ) with bronze bushings and bearings.
Non-slip rubber grips are highly resistant and non-absorbent.
The fireproof leatherette upholstery is composed of 3 cm. thick foam rubber and pressure manufactured to 150 kg.
Seat, backrest and padded roller adjustments allow for  the adaptation of the units to any user and  thusly helps  the user to perform the exercises  with the correct posture.
Easily seen bright yellow adjustment knobs.
Explanatory pictogram on the correct posture for the exercise and the muscles involved in it.
Bottle recipient included.

138 cm.
Width: 140.7 cm.
Height: 158 cm.
Weight: 164 kg.
Maximum user weight: 180 kg.
Total plate load: 132 kg.